4 Main Causes of Inflammation of the Lungs
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4 Main Causes of Inflammation of the Lungs

Learn the 4 Main Causes of Inflammation of the Lungs. It is important to keep our lungs healthy by following a healthy lifestyle and eating foods healthy for the lungs. Breathing fresh air can be a head start in keeping this vital organ healthy. This article provides vital information about the reasons why lungs can suffer from inflammation and other important information about this condition.

There are many different organs of our body which have their own roles or functions. Some have only simple functions and some have functions which can be considered vital in maintaining the life of everything in our body. One of these vital organs is the lungs which are the primary organ responsible for our intake of air within our body. Once the lungs malfunctioned, death of the entire body could be suffered. There are many causes of inflammation of the lungs and this article will help you understand about this possible problem.

There are many pollutants around us some of these are pollution, dusts, animal hair, perfumes and other small materials that we could inhale. Every day, we run across into people who suffer from different health conditions such as difficulty in breathing, heart problems, irritations, etc. These problems have their own causes and origins and it is essential to know these origins so that we can adjust ourselves in avoiding it. Knowing the causes of inflammation of the lungs and other lung problems is the first step for us to prevent its severity.

What is All about Lung Inflammation?

Pleura are the inner linings located inside the lungs which trigger pain when something irritated it. The irritation of Pleura is known to be pleurisy which is also called the inflammation of the lungs. This condition can lead to pain in the chest area as well as difficulty in breathing. Most of the time, this irritation also leads to dry cough. The causes of inflammation of the lungs are the materials that trigger irritation in the pleura. There are actually 2 kinds of lung inflammation, the dry lung inflammation and wet lung inflammation. Both of these kinds can cause severe problems in the lungs.

Wet Lung Inflammation

One of the results of the causes of inflammation of the lungs is the wet lung inflammation. Basically, this kind is caused by the excessive accumulation of the extra fluid located within the lungs. Viruses, parasites, and bacteria are the microorganisms which cause infections of the lungs leading to the excessive accumulation of extra fluids. As a result, frequent chest pain and extreme difficulty in breathing may be suffered by the patient having this condition.

Dry Lung Inflammation

Dry lung inflammation is another result of the causes of inflammation of the lungs which has no characteristics of wetness unlike the other kind of inflammation. Basically, dry lung inflammation is caused by the rubbing of pleura layer causing several pain and discomfort in the chest area. Since the layers of pleura are very thin and close to each other, there are instances that it is hard to avoid dry lung inflammation.

Causes of Inflammation of the Lungs


Cigarette smoking is one of the common causes of inflammation of the lungs. In fact, smoking is the primary cause of not just inflammation of the lungs but also the major health problems associated with lungs such as lung cancer. It is necessary to stop smoking to avoid this condition and maintain the healthy lungs.


One of the causes of inflammation of the lungs is the accumulation of dust particles within the lungs. Since dusts are small materials in the air that we can inhale without knowing, we can suffer from lung inflammation even if we only stay in our homes. We all know that there are dusts everywhere we go, as much as possible we have to wear masks especially if we have sensitive lungs or frequently suffering from lung diseases.


The smell of varnish shows the chemical presence of it which can be harmful if breath frequently. It is always necessary to keep away from the area where these chemicals are applied. We cannot suffer the effects abruptly but in the future it can cause damage to our lungs.


Although bronchitis is already an unpleasant condition of the lungs, it could still trigger other lung problems such as inflammation. When suffering from bronchitis, it is important to detail all we feel to the medical expert to address us the proper medications we need.

Although the possible causes of inflammation of the lungs are already around us, it is still our responsibility to keep our body away from these triggering factors and materials. We have to keep our body healthy by performing regular physical exercises and following a healthy diet.

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