Can Swallowing A Raw Fish Cure Chronic Asthma?
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Can Swallowing A Raw Fish Cure Chronic Asthma?

Can swallowing a live fish relieve you from the spasmodic attacks of severe asthma? Many alternative systems have been using fish to cure various ailments. It has been proved in an ancient folk medicinal system of India that fish therapy can cure asthma. Every year thousands of people flock to the Indian city, Hyderabad, just to swallow a medicated fish and get relief from asthma.

You might have heard about fish pedicure or fish biting therapies in treating diseases. Have you ever heard that swallowing a live raw fish can cure chronic asthma? It is true and has been found very effective in thousands of chronic asthma patients. Please read my article on asthma cure:

For the past 200 years, an ancestral treatment on a particular day has been successful in curing asthma. A ancestral treatment of administering raw fish, given by a certain Bathini Goud family in Andhra Pradesh, India, has been successful in curing asthma. The amazing fact of the fish therapy treatment is that it is administered only on the Hindu calendar day of Mrigashira Karthi which falls in the second week of June. Last year(2011) it was on June 8-9. Millions of people flock in the South Indian city during these days. The Goud family administers their home-made ancestral folk remedy with the help of volunteers.

Unfortunately, the formula of the fish therapy is kept as a strict secret since the family believes that the therapy will become ineffective if the secret is revealed. The family passes on the ancestral secret very strictly from generation to generation.

My own experience

My nephew Joe has been suffering from chronic asthma for a long time. From his childhood days he was suffering from various allergic conditions. His chest was always congested and he was struggling to breathe.  He was suffocated by wheezing. He could not even drink water.

In 1992, when he was 30 years old, he came to know about the fish therapy at Hyderabad. He took me with him for the fish therapy. After the train journey for nearly 30 hours, we reached Hyderabad city. The city was already overcrowded. Millions of hopeless asthma patients had gathered there.

We waited in one of the long queues. Joe had not eaten anything from the morning. When our turn came, a volunteer in saffron attire called us. He opened Joe’s mouth and slipped a medicated raw fish into his throat. It seems the therapist had kept a secret herbal medicine in the mouth of 2 inch murrel fish before administering it.

Today, Joe is free from asthma

As in most of the Ayurvedic treatment a strict diet regimen for 45 days was prescribed. Joe was given six pills to be taken in empty stomach in the morning and evening on the 15th, 30th and 45th days after the fish treatment. A list of foods to be avoided, which Ayurveda normally prescribed for asthma patients, was also given. Joe underwent the treatment for three consecutive years. Today, he is free from his asthmatic attacks.

The treatment is completely free. But the treatment has to be continued for three consecutive years. The Goud family has been doing this as a humanitarian service for nearly two centuries.

A puzzle to the medical world

Although there are many controversial issues about this fish therapy, Goud family’s fish therapy has been a great boon to thousands of asthmatic patients. Many people criticise the ingredients of the medicinal formula. Some doubt about the closely guarded secret. Some people say that the raw fish may cause infection and worsen the condition of asthma.

The Goud family rules out all the criticisms, saying that they are doing a free service to people and those who are jealous of their charity service try to curtail it.

Whatever may it be, the fish therapy at Hyderabad is gaining more popularity every year. Millions of people, including people from foreign countries, flock to the city on the particular day of treatment.

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Comments (13)

very good Paulose


That is really interesting. It is nice that Joe is now free from asthma.

I wish we could just address the cause, reducing pollution so we would not have to worry about treatments.  Asthema is so much more common in big cities where there are more people and more pollution than in rural areas.


Anyhow very interesting on this cure.

Quite interesting! I had never heard of this one.

Live and learn everyday something new.  Good writing Paulose.

What a fascinating story! Thank you.

I hav eheard about this treatment. excellent post

Interesting. I think it has more to do with the medication applied to the fish than ingesting the raw fish itself... At any rate, I'm glad your nephew is free of asthma!

So glad to read of Joe's success. Thank you for this valuable article.

Its nice share...And good info.I hope peoples will get benefit by this...Smile...

An amazing story. I believe that traditional and herbal remedies are a good cure for asthma or related diseases. It is clear from your story that eating fish was not cure, the herbs and taking prevention were the cause of this amazing cure. Thanks for sharing

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