Health Improvements For Asthma
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Health Improvements For Asthma

Asthma is a lung health condition that at present has no cure. The symptoms are alarming since breathing is impaired during an attack when the lung tubes get narrow, wheezing and coughing begin. These health improvements can lessen the severity of asthma and bring a better outcome as a person lives with asthma.

Asthma is a lung disease that affects quality of life in all ways, but can be improved upon in many ways.When breathing is impaired by the spasms that asthma produces some important steps can be taken to improve quality and sustained breathing which will be mentioned within this health article.

Lungs affected by asthma are airways that are narrow because of swelling that result in coughing and breathlessness. Anxiety makes asthma worse, which is why it is important to keep as calm an atmosphere for the child or adult with asthma.

The causes that lead to asthma are well known to a patient with this health condition. Exercise induced asthma can be the most troublesome in that sports activity can produce shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughing and wheezing. Exercise is important but must be moderated to limit the severe results without curtailing the sport or physical program important for lung capacity training.

Limiting the allergens in the environment can reduce asthmatic responses. These might not just be limited to animal dander, pollen, chemicals in the air, but might be mold in a car or home air conditioner. Smoke from fireplaces, campfires and tobacco and extreme cold temperatures trigger asthma too.

These should not be done instead of calling 911 or in place of going to the doctor or emergency room. They can help bring some comfort to the asthmatic person who needs immediate health care with the asthma condition.

Avoid people with upper respiratory infections such as the common cold and limit severe emotional episodes for the asthma sufferer. Large meals are good to avoid especially late at night if a person suffers from asthma. A heavy or huge meal can push on the lungs to create less lung capacity when lying down. Asthma can create attacks early in the morning upon rising and late at night.

Taking prescribed medicines at times when they are ordered is vital to keeping asthma in check or even prevent severe attacks. Learn how to administer the inhalers properly and periodically wipe off the mouth pieces with alcohol then with water to rinse and finally let air dry or dry with lint free cloth.

When breathlessness is first noted, breath in normally and purse the lips as if to say the word prunes so the air is let out slowly. Do this until the breathing returns to normal rate. Keep a personal journal of episodes, the severity, duration and solution that resolved them. Refer to this diary to educate yourself how to effectively deal with asthma.

Learn how to take a peak flow reading and what that means to your health condition at the time of that reading. A peak flow meter is a device that can direct you to take certain steps before the asthma attack is moderate or severe and sometimes even prior to even reaching moderate level of concern. Your peak flow readings of below 50% are an alarm of a severe attack while above 50% to 80% are observations of a moderate attack. This asthma device can be a reminder for medicine administration. One important health point is to control symptoms to live with asthma.


Practicing nurse for 44 years, experience with asthma in off spring who is now 41 years old.

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Comments (3)

Excellent work Roberta. I seem to know more and more people lately that suffer from asthma. Your article is a vital resource for everyone. I submitted this to reddit, tweeted, facebooked and Linkin plus recommended.

Ranked #1 in Lung Conditions

Asthma is one of the most common diseases here in PH. Thanks Roberta for this very informative profiling. Have a great day dear friend.

Thanks for this health information regarding asthma.