Untreated Asthma Can Severely Damage Lungs
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Untreated Asthma Can Severely Damage Lungs

The side effects of untreated Asthma can Severely Damage your Lungs

More than 800,000 people in the U.K suffer from bronchial asthma and about one hundred of them due to this disease die each year. It's also because about a third of people know about their illness. Yet, if treated, can live without major difficulty in breathing, and more or less okay.

Indeed, doctors are able in most patients the disease under control but only about 10% of people responding to treatment. Patients must choose their own treatment and to cooperate. This means to take medication and comply with the rules of a healthy lifestyle related to ban smoking on asthma. Smoking habit is shown to increase airway responsiveness, thus worsening the severity of the disease.

The fact that the number of asthma continues to increase, probably related to the pollutants in the environment.

Strong allergens come into contact every day in the diet, fluids and air that we breathe. Threaten us different chemicals and still remains a lot of smoke. Rise to asthma, you must have a hereditary available, are naturally more susceptible to allergen exposure. The interplay of these factors may start the development of bronchial asthma, and at any age. Triggering factor is sometimes difficult to viral infection or nasopharyngeal airway.

According to experts, the cure for some 300 thousand people:

About a third of people not treated well because they attributed symptoms to be old age or poor physical condition, others prefer to solve because of fear of steroids used to treat severe forms of asthma. According to experts, but not to worry, the modern medicines for asthma which is inhaled or breathed in powder form using a special dispenser, are completely safe.

If patients are taking these medications as recommended by their doctor then no serious adverse effects will happen to them. Inhaled dose, it is absolutely minimal, so you almost never get steroids into the bloodstream.

Feared negative effects are rather typical for long-term corticosteroid used in tablet forms that can truly induce a state identical to Cushing's disease (the disease disorder hormonal system) with many risks from the possibility of osteoporosis after diabetes.

Older drugs may still have some side effects. How to inhale in large doses and after their oral cavity, the mucosa may be the soft palate and pharynx causing the emergence of nasty fungal disease (thrush, or thrush).Maybe you remember that you have seen in some babies in hospitals, those with mouth painted blue Gentian.

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