What is Bronchspasm Diagnosis and Treatment Advice
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What is Bronchspasm Diagnosis and Treatment Advice

Bronchspasm is not a disease in itself but rather symptom of other diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Bronchspasm is sudden contraction of bronchi muscles. It narrows and even blocks the respiratory passage which makes breathing difficult. People who suffer asthma and bronchi often face coughing with wheezing sound, symptoms of bronchspasm. Tightness of chest is another symptom of bronchspasm. The most telling symptom in the children, who suffer the asthma, is coughing.

Causes of bronchspasm:

The people who suffer asthma or bronchitis suffer bronchspasm as the result of tightening of respiratory passage, inflated lining of the lungs, emotional stress, aerosol spray, cigarette smoke and dust. Sometimes the lining of the lungs become inflated and cause branchspasm. People who suffer bronchspasm have to bear its severe attacks during exercise, running, hiking, skiing, and diving. There are two types of bronchspasm:

  1. Acute bronchspasm: Becteria and viruses are the reasons of acute brochspasm. Coughing, production of mucuprulant sputum and tightening of bronchi are its symptoms.
  2. Paradoxical bronchspasm: Sometimes prescribed medicine for bronchspasm produce side effects and cause paradoxical bronchspasm which is life threatening.

Bee sting or insect biting can produce the problem in the people who are allergic to them.

Home remedies for bronchspasm:

There are a lot of treatment methods for bronchspasm other than prescribed medicine.

  • Vitamin B12 and B6 help reduce the attacks of branchspasm. Intake of these vitamins should be increase to reduce attacks of the disease.
  • Vitamin C increases the amount of oxygen in the body and reduces inflammation.
  • It is observed commonly that use salt in diet, before taking exercise, causes brochspasm in patients of asthma. So it is recommended to reduce the use of salt and increase the intake of vitamin C an hour before starting exercise.
  • Butyeko breathing technique: This treatment is shallow breathing exercise to help the patient breathe easier. The idea behind this technique is that short breaths raise the carbon dioxide level in the body that helps to smooth the airways to lungs.
  • Heavy weight people who are patients of asthma face the bronchspasm more frequently. So lose of weight in such patients can reduce it.
  • Arachidonic acid increases in the blood of people of suffer bronchspasm. It is observed during the several studies that use of omega fatty acid can help reduce the problem.
  • Salmon fish and its oil are wonderful in reducing the attacks of bronchspasm.
  • Another natural antibiotic source that helps to reduce the attack of bronchspasm is Psu d’arco (part of the bank of taheebo tree).
  • Caffeine can help easy breathing by keeping the bronchial airways dilated.
  • Mullion oil is good too to fight bronchspasm.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be taken more. It is observed that the people who eat more fruits suffer less or no attack of any kind of bronchspasm or asthma.
  • Gingko Bilba herb which is found in areas of Southern and Eastern United States, Korea, France and China is very useful to reduce the attacks of bronshspasm.
  • Sometimes stress causes the attack of bronchspasm. Yoga can help to control stress and consequently the attack of bronchspasm.
  • Reduction in the use of sugar and dairy products in food reduces bronchspasm.
  • An extract of pineapple, bromelain, is observed to reduce the inflammation.
  • Proper healthy diet and plenty of water intakes can reduce bronchspasm.
  • Clean air is necessary to reduce the problem in the patients so enjoinment should be dust free. Keep your home and surrounding area clean.
  • Inhaler can help easy breathing during the attack but all medication should be taken only after prescription of doctor.

The attacks of bronchspasm can be reduced by changing life style. Asthma or bronchspasm does not weak a person but precautionary measures should be taken to make life easy.

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Comments (4)

Thank you for a well researched, informative article.

Dear Jamie, Thanks for your valuable comments and compliments.

I have been having breathing problems for years and all the doctors are guessing it's muscles spasms coming from my throat. I have the same symptoms as a heart attack victim but I have had a ekg done when I have one of these attacks and it's not my heart. I noticed this article and several of the things that cause bronchspasm is what sets mine off also, so this could be what I am having and the doctor's don't know about this, which they should being a doctor and all. Aerosol sprays, smoke, stress, and dust, all 4 of the things you mentioned in this article sets it off. Mine first starts in my upper back, which are my lungs and then goes to my chest, real sharp pain, then it goes to my throat where I can barely breath because of all of the pain. When I go to the hospital they used to give me muscle relaxers shots but now I take a drug called Pantoprazole 40mg. which is generic for Protonix. I would be spending more time in the hospitals if I hadn't heard of this drug which I ask my doctor to try me on. I heard about it from another patience that was having similiar problems. I'm so glad I read this article, now my problem may finally have a name to it. I will ask my doctor about it. thanks so much.

Teresa, Though I am sad to hear about your suffering, I feel thankful to god for giving me an idea to write the article in the way that it is helpful to you to understand your problems. I am very thankful to you as a writer of this article that you informed me about the benefit you achieved by reading this Factoid. Hope you get treated and recover very soon with out any side effects